Impellers Technology


Impeller is a device which transform the drive power into different rates of:
Shear S (microscopic movement which breaks molecular forces)
Head H (wins flow resistance in viscous liquids)
Flow Q (macroscopic movement in one main direction)

Creating a deflection F on the shaft, Mixer target is to give the proper quantity of S, H, Q, limiting F within acceptability limits.
Parameters which determine ratios for S, H, Q, F are:
- Blades number N
- Blades width W (thin blades bring to high efficiency, large blades to high head)
- Angle with vertical α (90° angle bring to radial turbines, < 45° to axial impellers)
- Rotational speed RPM  


Table shows how S, H, Q and F are changing with increasing of N, W, α, RPM and constant power supplied

Radial impeller velocity vectors

Axial impeller velocity vectors

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